Leading Today for Tomorrow

Palmetto Bay may be a green enclave of families, parks and desirable public schools, but when Karyn Cunningham looked to the future of Palmetto Bay she also saw a city in transition. “I ran for Mayor because I thought I could help the city through these next years,” says the Mayor, who recently celebrated one year in office. “The city is changing and as beautiful as our community is, there are opportunities for improvement. How do we blend the new with the beautiful residential community that we already have? How do we keep our senior residents, while attracting new families to the community?”

For Cunningham, that has meant maintaining the existing community in addition to looking to the new. Cunningham is also proud of initiatives such as the “street-by-street” program (she and her team are taking inventory of all roadways and dedicating $350k to repaving and improvements) and the opening of a passport office in Village Hall, a project that has already processed more than 850 passports and brought in revenues of almost $30k to the Village. “I’m committed to moving the community forward based on consensus building,” says Cunningham. “That is extremely important to me.”

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