Let’s Keep Palmetto Bay United

It’s been my honor to serve as Village Mayor of Palmetto Bay. As we kick off Women’s History Month, I am excited and humbled to file for re-election to continue the important work ahead that preserves the greatness of our beautiful Village and prepares us for the future.

Since I took office as Mayor, we have taken important steps to make our Village fiscally sound and more responsive to our residents. Our taxes are lower than when I first took office in 2014 and one of the lowest amongst cities in Miami Dade.  We’ve also taken important steps to keep costs down for our residents. We decreased permitting fees for residents by 25-percent so those who are making upgrades to their homes can do so with less costs.

I have led the way in holding the line on development by decreasing height and density in our downtown area and keeping transit-oriented development on the commercial corridor. I have also stood firm in opposition to the county’s plans for preempting our zoning and other initiatives that will negatively impact our quality of life.

To plan for the future of our Village and create a more sustainable Village, I initiated policy that will reduce flood risk, allow residents to apply for matching funds to improve water quality by abandoning well water, increase the budget for drain cleaning and eliminated the use of dangerous pesticides in our park and public spaces.

As the Village of Parks, I have prioritized and enhanced these public spaces because these are the places our community gathers. We have expanded our programming for all ages, including our senior programming, pickle ball and summer camp, in addition to our expanded events that bring our residents together.

I am also proud of the work we have done to make our Village safer for our residents. The numbers show that our commitment to prioritize public safety has resulted in some of the lowest crime rates in the County. We have also prioritized canal patrols to protect wildlife and keep our waterways safe for those who enjoy kayaking and boating, and we have improved our Village’s infrastructure through long overdue street paving, sidewalk repairs and prioritizing bicycle and pedestrian pathways throughout the community. The list goes on and on.

We have been through some difficult times together but even with the uncertainty of a global pandemic, our Village has thrived. Over 100 new businesses opened in the height of the pandemic. I am truly excited to be running for re-election to serve as your mayor because I know there is much more to do. I have been entrusted by you, my neighbors with the leadership of Palmetto Bay and to guide our community during good times and bad. I have worked to address the challenges and opportunities facing our community while maintaining the quality of services that has brought each of you to make Palmetto Bay your home.

I will continue to lead with integrity and a strong sense of purpose. to make our Village an even better place to live, work, learn, and play.  I humbly ask for your support once again to continue to serve as your mayor.

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